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About the Gallery
The gallery "Zlati ajngel" is a space of the company bearing the same name that was founded in 1991. An older former carpenters shop behind a small courtyard space was completely redone to house the gallery at number 15 of Gajeva Street. The new space that resulted has two levels, the upper level being immediately beneath the roof and offering a space of 140 m2, 90 m2 of which is hanging space with walls 40 meters in length. The space has fire alarms and ready to use multimedia presentation equipment. The gallery was opened in 1998 with the show entitled "Finnish Design" and has since regularly featured about ten shows per year. Some of the people showing were: Branko Ružić, Zlatko Bourek, Jean Carzou, Dubravka Babić, Jennifer Garrett, Mateo Perasović, Jadranko Runjić, Ivo Prančič, Darwin Butković, Vatroslav Kuliš, Petar Barišić, Sandi Čevrek, Igor Rončević, Kostja Gatnik, Nikola Koydl … The gallery program was honored with regular appearances in the Program of Public culture interests of the Republic of Croatia since 2003, as well as in the Program of public interests in culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Program of public interests of the Varazdin county. This was a result of continuous showing of the prominent Slovenian authors at their best, as a part of an international cooperation effort. The gallery is not strictly bound to any stylistic, technological or period constrictions and it features sculpture and painting, design and photography with differentiating approaches of the author. The selection of the author is mainly concerned with trade skill and the knowledge of visual communication. For the last two years the gallery has been particularly interested in photography. With the show "Behind Photography" it has dealt with the relationship between modern painting and photography, starting a series of shows from Marija Braut, Maja Strgar, Mio Vesovic, Toso Dabac as well as many photographers from Varazdin. In group and one man shows featured Varazdin photographers along side of famous names of photography in Croatia. The work of the gallery has been well publicized by the media. The gallery organizes the show and its artistic and technical set up, publishing and mailing of show invitations, as well as the cocktails that accompany the opening and offers assistance to any visitors during the working hours. During the entire time period that the show is hanging in the gallery, the pieces can be offered for sale with gallery cooperation.